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We ordered a mattress from this place on 5/5/11. We were promised a delivery within 7-10 business days and up to three days for inspection.

After numerose calls and nobody calling back or calling to set up a delivery date. We finally recieved one on 6/1/11 That was the wrong one. After being told ours was sent to another house and that we would have to get it delivered in the morning. Well, we got what was suppose to be ours?

(used) It was the wrong model. I called the manufacture to confirm this and was told by them that that model was discontiued. I went back to the store to confront these people and was then told that they knew it was discontinued and that the one we got was a substatute model. It was way off from what we ordered.

So she offered a choice of substatutes and we were promised it delivered between 4:oopm And 6:30. It is now 8:30 and no mattress or answer from them. They are open till 9:00 but don't anwer there phones apperantly?

And we also saw them wrap up a used mattress and sent that out for delivery for some one else and we confronted them on that issue as well. So double check your items if you for some resone choose these poeple.

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I have mediation with this co. jan.

17th at 9:00am in room 208 in the ct. house if youd like to attend

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